Project 1 – Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees Project

In 1986 we started our first program of Planting Fruit Trees in Karadi.

At our first meeting two medical students visiting Karadi were invited to distribute the first saplings.

This was our initial project. In the following years 8 or 10 villages were selected and 20,000+ fruits trees were distributed for planting each year. Each household was given 5 to 6 saplings of different fruit trees. These included mango, chikoo, coconut, ramphal, lemon, jamrukh, papaya, dadam, saragvo, etc. for planting in their backyard or vado. Over the years we have planted 300,000 fruits trees in 56 villages.

A breakdown of the Fruit Trees planted:

Most Household in the                     Has been given a selection

following 58 villages:                         of 6 plants each from

the following:                                             Total

____________________         _______________________         ____

Aat/Avada Falia/Alura                     Coconut                                                      50,000

Bhutshal/Bodali/Bhatha                 Mango                                                         33,000

Bori Falia/Bhinar                              Dadam                                                        24,000

Chijgam/Chhapra                              Jamboo                                                         9,500

Dandi/Delvada/Eru                          Chikoo                                                         35,000

Karadi/Kalthan                                  Jamphal                                                      20,500

Khandrak/Khumblav                       Sitaphal                                                        38,000

Jalalpore/Vijalpore                           Kaju                                                                3,000


Mandria/Manjapore                         Lemon                                                            39,500

Moti Kakrad/Nani Kakrad              Papaya                                                           22,500

Moti Pethan/Nani Pethan               Ramphal                                                       11,500

Nava Gam/Onjal/Pursholi/Pardi       Seragvo                                                      3,500

Samapore/Sagra/Sultanpore                                                                               _____

Tavdi/Veraval/ and 20 others villages                                          TOTAL   300,000

A total of 300,000 fruit trees of the above variety have been distributed and planted to-date. The trees are planted in the front and/or the backyards of each household and aims to meet the basic nutritional needs of the family. Under this programme from 1987, some 20,000+ trees are planted in 8 to 10 villages each year.

Following pages show fruit trees being distributed to the various Villages over the years.




































































































































Distribution in Onjal













































Distribution in Delvada













































Distribution in Tavdi























Distribution in Mirjapore









































































































































2017 Activity – 8000 Saplings Distributed

Scan 28

Scan 29——————————————————————————————————————————————————————-