Project 2 – Veterinary Camps

 Veterinary Camps and Livestock Management

In association with Vashdhara Dairy and Agricultural College we organise 5-6 veterinary camps each year. Camps are held in open ground in one of the villages and people from 3-4 surrounding villages bring in their cows, buffalos, goats etc for treatment or diagnosis by the veterinary surgeons from Vasudhara Dairy. If injections or medicine are required this is supplied free of charge.

Instructions and posters for livestock management and recognising sickness are also given. This programme is very popular as keeping a cow or a buffalo is a very useful means of reducing poverty in a village.

Here you will see photographs of a typical camp.

Camp held in Bodali.

Camp held in Chijgam.


Camp held in Onjal.

Some more photos.

Guidance Notes illustrated below were prepared and distributed to all the keepers.