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Aathan farmer is King of Mango Show

SURAT: Have you ever imagined a ripe mango with exotic red or green colour? Or, seen an Alphanso variety which is cherry red at top and yellow otherwise? The mango show at the three-day Krishi Mahotsav organised by Navsari Agriculture University and inaugurated by chief minister Narendra Modi on Sunday morning has over 350 varieties of mangoes.

Mukesh Naik, a farmer from Aathan village of Jalalpore taluka in Navsari district, was awarded king of mango show title for his Alphanso mango variety.

“This fruit is unique as it has tremendous attraction value for the ripe yellow mango with cherry red colour on top. Its very smooth and shines in the sunlight,” said Ni Shah, professor and head of Pariya Farm, an agriculture experimental centre of NAU. He added, “Its genetic potential is very good and the farmer has done wonders with the fruit.”

Naik said, “I am into mango farming for the past 20 years and this is a new brand that I have developed. It is average in size, but is very sweet.”

In the mango show, along with other fruits and flowers and vegetables, hybrid varieties are also on display. Hybrid brands like Sonpari, Mallika, Amrapali are also on display along with exotic coloured varieties like Kent, Tommy Atkinson and Sensation. Regular brands like Alphanso, Kesar, Langdo, Daseri, Rajapuri, Totapuri, Neelam, Dadam, Jamadar and even south Indian brands like Chausa and Begum Palli are also on display.

“The major reason for this exotic colour of the fruit is due to change in its pigmentation,” said Shah.

The NAU Pariya farm has four exotic plants and 182 varieties of mango plants. It also has eight varieties from countries like Indonesia, South Africa and Pakistan. “We have all the Indian varieties,” Shah added.

Some mangoes weighing 1.5 to 2 kg were brought by local farmers to the show which left many observers stunned.

In all, 597 varieties of fruits, 226 different vegetables, 106 types of flowers and 65 samples of processed products are on display at the fair.