Green Action for Dandi

Green Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative (G.A.N.D.H.I) Project

A Gandhian approach to Coastal Zone Management

The area including six villages around Dandi was declared as an Eco-sensitive Area (ESA) by the MoEF in June 2011. GEC is now implementing the ambitious GANDHI project with a budget of Rs. 28.00 crores in these villages in consultation with MoEF and Gujarat Vidyapeeth.
The Ministry of Environment & Forests in collaboration with the Society for Integrated Coastal Zone Management, aided by the Gujarat Ecology Commission has undertaken the project for the development of a green memorial at Dandi. The project aims at overall Development and conservation of the environment of Dandi, and its surrounding villages, based on Gandhian principles and teachings on environmental conservation and village development.

Green Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative (G.A.N.D.H.I) Project

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Ministry of Environment and Forests
Government of India

Green Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative
(GANDHI) Launched
7th July 2010.

The Union Minister for Environment and Forests, Jairam Ramesh, and Gopal
Krishna Gandhi, Chairman, Dandi Memorial Committee launched the Green
Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative (GANDHI) Memorial Project today.
To celebrate 80 years of the Dandi march, the Rs 25 crore project (with the aid of
the World Bank) will focus on overall development and conservation of the
environment of Dandi and the surrounding villages based on Gandhian Principles.
The project will promote Dandi as an eco-tourism destination through landscape
development and introduction of nature trails, in addition to promoting integrated
village and community development. It will also introduce initiatives to conserve
the Dandi coast and its coastal resources and adopt nature-based development of
resources in the area. About 100 ha of mangroves and 50 ha of bio-shield will be
planted along the 8 km coastline. The Gandhian approach to living will be
promoted through the setting up of solar and wind plants as well as interventions
for water conservation and waste management.

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said “Gandhiji’s commitment to the
environment and to sustainable living is a modern day talisman for us, as we
grapple with the critical issue of environmental pollution, climate change and
biodiversity preservation. The Green Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative
(GANDHI) Memorial is a small but, important step in recognizing Gandhiji’s vision
for environment and biodiversity. We must make concepts embodied in the
GANDHI Memorial integral to our personal lives and our policy frameworks.”
The project will be implemented by the Society of Integrated Coastal Management
(SICOM) in collaboration with the Gujarat Vidyapith (Ahmedabad) and Gujarat
Ecology Commission (Govt. of Gujarat). It is expected that in two years time, the
entire Heritage Area will become a major center for learning on Gandhian thought
and philosophy on sustainable development.