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Tavdi Village, Gujurat

The Tavdi is a beautiful village inhabited on the
shores of the River Purna in South Gujarat State, India. It is
only seven miles from the city of Navsari.

The population of Tavdi is approximately
four to five thousand, and almost two
to three thousand of Tavadia’s living
abroad in countries like the UK, New Zealand,
Canada, USA, and South Africa.

All these brothers and sisters of Tavdi are united, kind, generous,

Latest news and photos from Tavdi Village

Ganesh Festival 2010

Facebook page launched.

A new page on Faceboook has been launched featuring photos and information about Tavdi Village.

Tavdi Facebook Group

A Little History

It has been said that our ancestors came from the north (some say from Saurastra) approximately three hundred years ago and inhabited a village near the banks of the River Purna. During this time there were lots of trees in this village, called Tavda and it was from the name of these trees that this Village was called TAVDI.


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