Abrama is a Village in Jalalpore Taluka in Navsari District in Gujarat State. It is 11 km from Jalalpore town and 10km from Navsari City.

It is near the coast and so is also known as Khara Abrama. It is a fairly large Gam in comparison with other Gams in the Kantha Vibhag with a population of some 15,000.  It has a sizeable Muslim population. The Hindus are of all denominations and castes are to be found in Abrama. As such it has more comprehensive services.

There are separate primary schools for boys and girls in Abrama and has one of the earliest high school where in the pre independence days students from villages far away used to come and study.

Present day Abrama has metal roads joining the main villages and towns. Abrama has a number of temples and a beautiful mosque. The services of four doctors are available to the Gam and all the houses have piped water.

The Koli Patel community live in a number of streets and an NRI Shree Ramanbhai D Patel from London set up Himan Education Trust to provide a English medium state of the art Nursery school for some 30 children.

This is a gam that is well worth a visit when you are in the vicinity.

Here Ramanbhai D Patel write about his village in detail. After the text you will see some of the photos of the Nursery School.

You will also see photographs of the Eye Camp organised by Ramanbhai with the help of the local Eye Hospital in Navsari.

Abrama Gam is 13km from Navsari, 8km from Amalsad and 3km from Sultanpur. It is famous for its sweet chikoos. Big gam talav & Shiv & Ramji Mandir on banks of lake is worth visiting. Abrama talav and nearby wetland on Abrama-Sultanpur road is paradise for bird lovers. One can observe many migratory water birds like Ducks, Geese, Ibis, Painted Storks, Sarus Cranes.


Tadakeshwar Mahadev, Sonanagar, Abrama, Valsad is 3kms from Valsad & 53Kms from Navsari.

Abrama Talao – Migratory Water Birds, Winter visitors (Geese, Ducks, Moorhen etc.)

Purple Moorhen 1

King Fisher 01

Indian Moorhen 3

Ducks 27

Ducks 09

Ducks 07

Ducks 03

Ducks 01