Transvaal Koli Hitwardhak Mandal

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Aims and Objectives:

The aims and objects of the Manda! shall be:

5.1. to foster and promote unity. brotherhood, harmony and the upliftment and general welfare of the Koli commumty;

5.2. to encourage, assist, advance, promote, safeguard and deal with all matters and activities directly or indirectly connected with the social, educational, moral, cultural, religious, spiritual and economic life and interests of the Kori community:

5.3. to inculcate, by all means, the ideals and practices of the Hindu way of life by propagating and encouraging the knowledge and study of the way of the Hindu religion, philosophy and in particular, the Gujerati language;

5.4. to raise funds for scholarships, bursaries and educational loans for the Kori community;

5.5. to promote dialogue, understanding and co-operation with all other cultural, linguistic and religious organisations and groups nationally and internationally;

5.6. to carry out, in the furtherance of the above aims and objectives, any or all of the following:

5.6.1. to canvas for, collect, accept or receive donations, bequests, endowments and other benefits from any persons, trusts, bodies, estates, societies, associations, organisations and any source whatsoever, to be utilised towards any of the aims, objects or purpose of the Mandal;

5.6.2. to acquire for or on behalf of the Mandal, whether by purchase, mortgage, hire, cession, lease, exchange, donation, gift, or otherwise any movable or immovable properties, and to control, manage and
administer all of the affairs thereof;

5.6.3. to maintain, erect, improve, alter, repair, renovate, hypothecate, lease, let, mortgage, sell or otherwise deal with any and all the properties and assets of the Mandal as may be deemed necessary from time to

5.6.4. to borrow and raise monies upon security of any of the properties and assets of the Mandal and to repay the same as may be deemed expedient;

5.6.5. to establish and maintain schools, libraries, reading rooms and such other educational, cultural and religious institutions as may be necessary, and to compile, edit, print or publish books, periodicals and
any other form of literature; and

5.6.6. to perform all other such acts deemed to further the interests of the Mandal or are considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Mandal