2006-January-17,18,19 Pran-Pratishtha Mahotsav


An auspicious occasion of Pran-Pratitha (Installation of Deity) mahotsav in a new temple was carried out at village Machhad (Navsari) on 17, 18, & 19 th January 2006. A wish came true or a dream became reality for the people of Machhad at last. Three days action pack event were programme as follow.

17.01.06 Vastu-Pujan of a new temple
Utthapan Yagna of Maa Bhavani Kutir Yagna
Procession (Sobha-Yatra)
Dhanya Viram
19.01.06 Pran-Prathitha Yagna
Snapann Prayog
Kalash Puja
Dav-Devi’s Pratitha

At Machhad there is about 140 year old daharu of maa Bhavani. It was located at isolated place and access to temple was very inconvient as there was no road to reach there. Fortunately a land was donated to make a six feet wide road by the families of the land owner. (Mr. Bhavanbhai Ramji, Mr. Morarbhai Ravji, Mr. Somabhai Makanbhai and Mr. Fakirbhai Makanbhai.

A hefty donation was declared by Shree Bhikubhai Somabhai Patel (UK) to meet the cost of building a new temple. The news spread very quickly. As a result, donations started pouring in from UK, New Zealand, Canada and USA. A handsome donation was also generated within village.

Shree Bhavani Maa Mandir Jirnodhhar committee was formed. Mr.Chhibabhai Ravjibhai was nominated as President. Under his leadership and full support from the committee members and youth of the village, the construction of the temple was completed. Statue of Shree Ganesh, maa Bhavani, maa Laxmi, maa Saraswati, Hanumandada, and Shiva Parivar were bought from Jaipur. (Near Delhi)

Vastu-Pujan of the new temple was carried out in the morning of 17.01.06. Utthapan ceremony of maa Bhavani following Utthapan yagna was carried out in the afternoon. Following day, a Kutir Yagna was carried out at house of Shree Dayalbhai Bhanabhai Patel (UK). Soon after completion of Kutir Yagna, a procession (sobha-yatra) with all the deities (including kalash and dhavaj) was organised. The procession was very attractive with music band, colourful costumes. The whole villagers enjoyed the event by singing, dancing, chanting, and playing Garaba. The procession reached Mandir in the evening, Dhanya-Viram (All Deities were fully covered and kept it rice and wheat for whole night) ceremony was carried out after giving holy bath to all the Deities.

Following day Pran-Pratitha Yagna was carried out in the early morning. An ancient style attractive and colourful yagna-mandap was created by the youth. 22 Brahmins were involved to carryout this auspicious pooja. A continuous chanting of hymns, mantras, smokes from the yagna, burning of dhoop, divas and accents made the atmosphere very pious. Pran-Pratitha of all the Deities was carried out then after installation of Dhavaj & Kalash was carried out following snapan prayog. Finally the event completed with Arti-pooja.

All the expense to meet the cost of refreshment, lunch and dinner of the three days event was donated by Shree Thakorbhai Gandabhai Patel (UK)

A souvenir called ‘Darpan’ is being produced to mark this auspicious occasion. For detail information, please contact

Shree Bkikhubhai Somabhai Patel 00 44 1204 528374 (U K)
Shree Maganbhai Budhiabhai Patel 00 44 121 532 0787 (U K) [email protected]
Shree Chhibubhai Ravjibhai Patel 00 91 2637 223865 (India)