Project 6 – Other Miscellaneous Activities

Other regular and ad hoc programs.

Over the years we have set up Youth Groups and Mahila Mandals and built up an excellent relationship with all our Primary and Secondary schools. This has made the communications with villages fairly easy. Depending on the type program each group or a combination takes over most of the hard work from our committee members.

We regularly work with Mahila Mandals as part of our Veterinary and Dairy work. Youths form a number of our annual programs.

The success of our poverty alleviation work is entirely due to the sponsorship by a number of very generous donors. One can describe them as philanthropists of our Samaj.

Shree Amratbhai J Patel of Machhad, now settled in USA is one such. For a number of years now he has been donating $10,000 every year in a variety of programs for the poor and widowed families in particular. In the memory of his father late Shree Jerambhai Fakirbhai Patel he has given cash, distributed bags of wheat, rice etc. and organized Eye Camps for the benefit of various Gams. A number of his programs involves other villages and here he has found Kantha Vibhag Friendship Trust is the most efficient and effective. As far as I am aware he visits Gam every year. We are most grateful to him and his family.

I have already mentioned Shree Hirabhai Valabhai Patel, Shree P. U. Patel, Shree Manubhai/Shree Kishorebhai/Shree Bipinbhai, Shree Shantubhai Bhagwanji Patel. They sponsor a program every year.

So do Shree Babubhai Rama of Karadi/UK, Shree Mahendra Brothers from Navsari, Shree Ramanbhai Vallabhbhai, Shree Vallabhbhai Budhi Patel of UK. and many others who have sponsored more than one program for the Trust.

We are most grateful to all of them.

Photos and newspaper cuttings below show some highlights of various educational and awareness and food distribution programs.

As part of these education and awareness work among our people we distribute guidance leaflets which has been much appreciated.