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Association of Mandhata Samaj UK – Profile

Jai Shree Krishna!
In order to have a dialogue with our members, improve communications, and increase our profile I would like to give you some background information about our Association. I hope this will help you and get to know who is who in the organisation and what AMSUK actually does. We look forward to your contributions and join our Association.

Who are we?  “Shree Mandhata Samaj”, UK was established in 1972 with the aim of fostering unity, promoting social welfare and preserving cultural heritage of the Mandhata Community.

The “Mandhata Samaj” name was adopted by the “Koli” community in East Africa before they arrived in the UK and thereafter continued the use of this name for the Association in the UK.The Association of Mandhata Samaj UK (AMSUK) is an umbrella organisation of various “KoliSamaj” Mandals/Associations in the UK.

In March 1996, following the acceptance of the Constitution of AMSUK by the members, the organisation was registered with the UK Charity Commission, under the provisions of section 3 of the Charities Act 1993.
As of September 2007, AMSUK has over one thousand members spread across fifteen (15) affiliated towns in the UK including; Bolton, Bradford, Birmingham, Bilston, Dudley, Preston, East London and Essex, Leicester, Loughborough, Luton, Walsall, West Bromwich, Wembley, Wolverhampton and Coventry. However, there are affiliated individual members living in many other towns in the UK, such as; Manchester, Stalybridge, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Rugby, Peterborough, etc.

The Koli community population estimated to be in excess of 30,000 is perhaps the largest such group
in the UK. What is our purpose?

The main objectives of AMSUK are:

• To develop and support all Mandhata Samaj local organisations and associations.
• To maintain and preserve our religion, traditions and culture for current and future generation.
• To standardise and set guidelines on strategic practices for the benefit of the Samaj as a whole.
• To instil a caring and sharing attitude amongst all our members.
• To develop links with Koli Community in India and other overseas countries.

• To achieve the above by:

(a) Valuing and drawing up the existing knowledge, skills and talents of the members of the Mandhata Community.
(b) Helping and guiding members and affiliated associations to optimise their abilities in order to fulfill the set objectives.
(c) Addressing specific issues on their own merits and proven experiences.

The above objectives are encapsulated in the AMSUK Mission Statement:

“To develop, support and maintain our Mandhata Samaj based network and our cultural heritage within our community”
We welcome members of the Mandhata Samaj community to help us achieve our objectives and fulfill
our Mission Statement by becoming a life member of AMSUK and assisting us with specific tasks.

Our activities.
The following sub-committees have been formulated to share the responsibilities for the various activities of AMSUK.

Youth Forum – The Youths of today are the future of our community. This sub-committee, with the help of Youth Leaders and local committees of affiliated towns try and ensure active participation of youths in all Samaj activities. The sub-committee is also responsible for the organisation of events that are of benefit to the youth and our Samaj as a whole. For example, “Shree Mandhata Youth Festival”.

Women’s Forum – The Women’s Forum exists to promote and cultivate the full potential of women in our Samaj, through advice, assistance and standardisation of practices for the benefit of our Samaj as a whole.

Education/Nandi Shield – The main objective of this sub-committee is to recognise the academic achievement and to promote the educational advancement of our Samaj members.

Gamonnati – The sub-committee’s main task is to meet periodically to discuss topics related to our villages (Gams) in India, so as to learn from each others’ experiences and to formulate corporate strategies on issues of common concern.

Finance & Funding – The sub-committee is responsible for exploring methods of raising funds to finance events organised by AMSUK.

Publication & Website – This sub-committee is given the task of producing the Association’s annual newsletter “Mandhata Pragati”, getting materials together for Navpragati published from Navasari.

This is sponsored quarterly by AMSUK. It is also responsible for maintaining and developing the Mandhata Website on the Internet.

Matrimonial Get-together – The purpose of this activity is to provide common platform and bring together members of our Samaj, who are single, divorced or widowed and are looking for life partners, thus giving them the opportunity to meet each other and hopefully join hands in matrimony.
Speed dating: Our first Koli Patel Speed date (for age group 23-35 was held on Saturday 1st December 2007 in Wolverhampton).

Compliments – Suggestions – Complaints
The Executive Committee is always striving to improve and provide a better service. Please tell us if you are happy or disappointed with our service. Your feedback can be the measure of our success or failure. We would therefore appreciate your constructive comments, compliments, suggestions or complaints. Please do not hesitate to write to either your town representative or to the AMSUK.