Innovation Idea – Re-Purposing Used Sarees to make more practical Suit and Pant

Our National dress is the Saree, the most elegant and beautiful garment in the world.

As time goes and as we become more practical, it is a necessity that we look at the attire that is worn by working women, especially in farms and outdoors then it makes sense that the garments that women wear should be more practical and comfortable for working in farm fields.

An Innovation Idea has come up, what if we take up most of the gently used sarees that women no longer use and they are stored in cupboards without intending to use them i.e. excess sarees and we re-purpose them by designing them and tailoring them to re-created as a two piece top and pant similar to the suits won by Chinese women, i.e. the gray Mao suit with the difference that they will be multi coloured with fashionable colours same as the original saree fabric that it will be fashioned from.
The only cost is the cost of tailoring and sewing it.

Imagine the possibilities, millions of unused sarees being reused with the purpose of making more practical work garments for women.