Innovation Idea – Solar Powered Diya Lamps

How the world has changed with a warming planet and global warming, now we have to think about how we can reduce our carbon and heat footprint as well.

In India, whenever we pray in the morning or night, most homes light Diyas that are powered by ghee, now multiply this by the millions of people who are lighting these lamps then you can imagine the amount of ghee that is consumed and the amount of cows that have to produce the milk, the heat that is generated from the Diyas is adding to global temperatures.

So the Innovation Idea is that we invent a solar powered Diya to be used by daily by households throughout the country, this will result in tremendous savings in ghee and help in reducing global temperatures and the carbon footprint.

The cost of the solar powered Diya will be extremely low and it should be sold at nearly the cost price of manufacturing it so (two or three rupees) so that people can start using it everywhere.