– To the people of South Africa

To the Koli people in South Africa

Re: Resolution to develop TKHM – Navsari Land.

We are disappointed that none of the other committee members saw anything wrong in approving a resolution which provide conditions and benefits which are even more adverse than before. We see no way you could get even half of what was offered before.

For a contract of this size, even in ideal conditions, no client would enter into contract without making a number of checks.

To start with why cannot the land be sold now, if that is going to be the final result. If the Charity Commissioner has approved and the lawyer they consulted saw no problem, where is the snag? Does Kahar not have enough money to exchange the contracts? Secondly, why is all of a sudden every other committee member in such a hurry to complete the project?

Kahar or for that matter any developer must be scrutinized very thoroughly.

Before the TKHM in South Africa, agree to any contractual arrangements with any developer, it must satisfy itself that all the necessary issues have been looked at and that there are no stones unturned. The SA committee must ask for evidence of projects completed by Mr. Bhupendra Kahar. There should be assurance that he has the financial capability to develop the scheme.

Following issues must be clarified before proceeding with any formal arrangements,

Check out Bhupendra Kahar. Who is he? Is Mr. Kahar a registered contractor and a property developer? Does he have a business/company name. Who can provide reference to his background. Written reference should be obtained from four respected upstanding members of our Koli community in India.

What development experience does Kahar have? He should be required to produce documentary evidence of projects he has worked on in Navsari, what was his input in those projects. Was he the contractor for any of Mahesh Kothari’s projects?

Written evidence should be available of his financial standing. He must disclose his bankers address so that we can verify independently, both in India and in SA.

What financial backing has he in India to proceed with the proposal.

Written evidence should be sought on who else is willing to back the scheme.

What guarantee can Kahar provide that he is capable of delivering to the satisfaction of the TKHM. Who is willing to provide assurance to Mr. Kahar’s ability to deliver,

If he fails to deliver how can SA peruse him for compensation?

Will Natoobhai Vagha and all those who are so supportive of the project be willing to give the Mandal that guarantee. If so will they be willing to submit the deeds of their property or other surety as a bond that is legally enforceable.

No legal documents should be signed without the advice of a legally qualified person. Advice should be obtained from competent legal authority in India of the validity of documents signed in SA. Papers signed in SA may have no legal status in India.

If the members of TKHM SA are not satisfied or if there is a slightest doubt in the minds of individuals that Mr. Kahar is nothing but a prospector looking for quick profit from vulnerable Koli people then Natoobhai Vagha and others should not be allowed to steam roll this project on simply his/their own say so.

Natoobhai on his own admission has stated that he went to India for a holiday. The SA Committee did not delegate him to hold meetings in India. So, if he was in India on a personal capacity and had no authority to discuss or agree anything why is he so committed to the scheme. There should be questions to Natoobhai’s intention whether he has any personal interests in ensuring that this scheme proceeds. Would he make any personal gain? One has to ask this question.

I personally do not know or have met Kahar but my information from a trusted friend is that Kahar fits the description of an opportunist looking for a quick profit. He goes around Navsari on a motor scooter with a carrier bag. Even this one trait fails him as a substantial developer. As to being a friend of actors and cricketers, there is no shortage of photo opportunity in India. Jewelry shop? I am checking up on that. Hotels and restaurants in UK? Someone mentioned his wife’s relation has a restaurant here.
As to why bank managers would ring him, I leave it for you to draw your own conclusions. May be his account is constantly going overdrawn. One person we know who had business experience with Kahar has warned not to have any dealing with Kahar.

We here feel that if this episode goes ahead it will end with a big black mark on our whole Koli Community. We would have proven to be such a naive and gullible community even in this day and age.

Some of you have proved to be a very courageous to stand firm in the committee. I suggest that from what I have written above and from what I have written before and what you already believe draw up a bullet point questionnaire, your objections, your checks and how satisfied you are about these checks. Try and get a few more on your side who will speak up at the AGM. That will prick their conscious.

Also remember that such a resolution has to be printed in full on the agenda that goes to the members. At the AGM or Special AGM you can demand a debate on the subject. Please check your constitution to make sure what majority is required to pass the resolution.

When we have any more info we will be in touch. Let us know the progress you are making.

Keshavlal J Patel

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